Alert in the pollution

Alert in the pollution

"Having cleansed your souls by the obedience in the truth, to have a brotherly affection without hypocrisy, like each other each other ardently, of a pure heart, you who are regenerated by the living being and perm Word of God." 1 Pierre 1:22, 23

      The pollution always worries more the authorities of the whole world. The World Health Organization considers at more than 7 millions a year the premature deaths in the world owed to the pollution. It is a real problem of public health. The air quality which we inhale has a direct influence on our physical health. But what to say about the moral atmosphere which surrounds us, and with its influence on the health of our spirit?

      The polluting agents are not called "fine particles, carbon dioxide", but "doubt, incredulity, revolt and rebellion against God". They produce the hatred, the violence, the immorality … This pollution, which also penetrates by eyes and ears, reaches the spirit and the heart, from the youngest age. The damages which she causes are far graver, the more long-lasting consequences. We do not see remedy in this tide which submerges the world and calls up God's judgment.

      But the remedy exists for every person: it is the Word of God, alive, effective, penetrating (Hebrew 4:12)! To the one who receives her, who believes it, she produces a complete and wholesome purification.

      Let us listen carefully what Jesus tells to his Father about his followers: "I, I gave them your Word … I do not make the demand that you remove them from the world, but that you keep them of the evil. They are not of the world, as I am not of the world. Sanctify them by the truth: your Word is the truth" (Jean 17:14-17).

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