Aligned lighthouses

Aligned lighthouses

"Be transformed by the renewal of your intelligence, to discern that is God's good, pleasant and perfect will." Romain 12:2

      The entrance of certain seaports is possible only by means of the "fires of alignment". These two lighthouses determine the direction that the boat has to follow. Sometimes, there is even the third fire to indicate very exactly the channel of entrance of the port. So he is for the Christian who tries to discern God's will:

      - The first lighthouse is the Bible. God never leads a believer in a path against what he says in his Word. The first question to ask oneself is thus this one: "the path that I propose is he in accordance with the fact that the Word of God teaches?"

      - The second lighthouse is the internal conviction. The Lord grants to the believer, by his Spirit and by the prayer, a certainty which is imperative upon him, sometimes gradually. Peaceful in front of the Lord, I must be able to ask him to come along. But am I ready to agree to follow the direction that he will show me?

      - The third light, they are the circumstances of the life. When I see the second lighthouse aligned with the first one, I can move forward because two aligned points should be enough for me to indicate the direction. However, God sometimes intervenes to help me to see clearly there (Judges 6:36-40). These circumstances are not my guide, but God can use them to encourage me or warn me.

      But, watch out! let us not try to invert lighthouses: a boat which would want to pass near the third lighthouse before having aligned its trajectory on both first ones would not find the channel of the port!

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