All in the paradise?

All in the paradise?

"Be delighted at the fact that your names are registered in heavens." Luc 10:20

"(Jesus said:) I shall return and I shall take you with me, so that where I am, you, you are also." Jean 14:3

      The party was going full swing, the orchestra interpreted a familiar tune, accompanied by a part of the spectators who sang these surprising words: "we shall go all to the paradise!". A few hours later, by rising in the car of a friend, Alfred still sang this tune. Shortly after, it was the accident. The drunk driver collided a tree. The crash was the last thing which Alfred remembered. When he woke up, at the hospital, the nurse announced him the terrible piece of news: he was the only survivor.

      For a long time Alfred was incapable to communicate, but the tune continued to trot him in the head: "we shall go all to the paradise". For the first time this expression questioned him personally. Could he enter, him, the paradise? He had just touched the death, and the question to know what there is later became more and more urgent.

      This song, repeated by thousands of people, is in fact only a lie. In the Bible, God says clearly the opposite. We walk all on the wide path which leads to the perdition (Matthieu 7:13). Only those who pay attention on the safety that God their offer even today will be saved. It is only by the faith in the person of Jesus Christ, the Rescuer, that I can enter the paradise. If I believe that he removed all my sins by dying on the cross, then my name is registered in "the book of life", and I am happy to live for my Rescuer; my place in the paradise is ready. This enjoyment, do you know her?

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