All that she had on the heart

All that she had on the heart

"The queen of Sheba spoke to him about all that she had on the heart. And Salomon explained him all the things about which she spoke." 1 Kings 10:1-3

"(Jesus said:) a queen of noon came from ends of the earth to hear Salomon's wisdom, and well, there is here more that Salomon." Matthieu 12:42

      King Salomon, son of David, had a lot of wealth and glory, but also an extraordinary wisdom. His fame had reached the ears of a distant queen. This one, sceptic, wanted to realize by herself, and began a last great journey to see Salomon. She asked him all the questions which she had on the heart. And there was, for Salomon, no too difficult question. The queen turned around, amazed by this wisdom and this glory which surpassed even of many what we had brought back to him.

      When he was on the earth, Jesus hinted at this queen come consult Salomon. And he asserts, by speaking about himself: "there is here more that Salomon". Indeed, Jesus was not only a very wise man, as this king, it was personified God's wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:24). And none of those who approached him was not disappointed. Guards asked to stop Jesus declared: "never man spoke as this man" (Jean 7:46).

      Today, we are also all confronted with difficult questions. We have on the heart of "why", sometimes very painful. And our wisdom cannot find an explanation to everything.

      Let us turn with confidence to Jesus, and let us expose him our personal riddles. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, which escapes him. Doubtless let us shall not understand everything, but we shall be calmed by the thought which he likes us, and which there is an explanation, one why he knows.

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