Almost nothing

Almost nothing

"I learnt to be satisfied in the situations where I am." Philippiens 4:11

"We are in the adversities anyway, but not in the distress; in the perplexity, but not without resource." 2 Corinthians 4:8

"Saddened, but always joyful." 2 Corinthians 6:10

      We sometimes catch thinking that, to be happy, we miss almost nothing: a little money, a small concern less, an a little better health, a little less solitude. It is always almost nothing which separates us from the happiness, and nevertheless it "almost nothing" is endlessly renewed. So in a concern succeeds another concern(marigold), and a wrong moment steps down to another wrong moment. The happiness always stays for tomorrow. In reality what misses us, it is a God, it is the current consciousness of our relation with him, our Father. There is only he to make that the happiness is not for after the disease, but with the disease, that it is not for after the concerns, but even with the concerns.

      The Bible invites us to be delighted always. But how? "Be always delighted in the Lord" (Philippiens 4:4). This happiness does not thus depend on good or bad circumstances of our life, but it draws in love of Lord Jésus. Knowing well the internal fragility of each, God adds in the same paragraph: "worry about nothing". By the prayer, we are invited to unload all our concerns, small and big, with our God. Let us hesitate to bring to him these "almost nothing" which live as a parasite on our Christian enjoyment. An only small cloud is sometimes enough for preventing the sun from shining. Let us learn to be delighted "in the Lord" to enjoy the enjoyment today, with him, and with the living conditions which are ours now.

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