An available hand

An available hand

"Neither by strength, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Eternal." Zacharie 4:6

"my grace is enough for you, because my power comes true in the weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

      Since the collar where from the look dives far off into the valley, I am eyes a young Malagasy by bicycle. Numerous laces wait for him(it) up to the summit. At times, he pedals apparently against the wind which blows hard this day. No, really, I would not want to be in his place(on his seat)! But now a crowded taxi-bush arrives slowly behind him. As he reaches as high as the cyclist and double, I see a passenger in the back holding out to him the hand. From then on, the rise becomes easier, and here he is at last arrived at the collar where he resumes cheerfully his road.

      Sometimes, I am as this boy on his bike, tired and swamped. My life strewed with difficulties looks like this stiff path, this head wind, and I am often on the verge of the exhaustion. But, in my reach, I have an available powerful hand, that of Lord Jésus.

      I just have to approach him, and to maintain this link of confidence in him, if only with a single little finger of faith; it will be sufficient so that his strength becomes mine. This help powerful and full of wisdom is in my reach every day and in any situation. She is there, inexhaustible and always necessity. She accompanies me particularly when a service for the Lord seems to me too difficult. If I trust him, I receive the necessary help and I intend him to say myself: "my power comes true in the weakness".

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