Any sorts of prayers (1)

"O you who listen to the prayer! Every man will come to you." Psalm 65:2
"every pious man will ask you in the time when we find you." Psalm 32:6
"Eternal! In the morning, you will hear my voice; I shall arrange my prayer in front of you, and I shall wait." Psalm 5:3

       By the prayer, the believer addresses God, a God who listens to the prayer, who is Almighty, and who loves those who confide in him. The prayer established thus always a big resource for the of all times believers.

       The Bible invites the believer to ask:

       - In all things (Philippiens 4:6): nothing is too small or insignificant for God, all the details of the everyday life are, for us, an opportunity to ask.

      - In any place (1 Timothée 2:8): God is everywhere, he sees us and hears us, we can thus speak to him, wherever whom we are.

      - At any time (Psalm 5:3; 141:2): in the morning or in the evening, of night or of day, God never sleeps; he is always attentive, we can address him at anytime.

      - Any time (Psalm 62:8; Éphésiens 6:18): from the childhood to the old age, the "times" of the life follow one another: happy and difficult periods, enjoyments and tests, solitude or family life … But God always remains the Same, and the prayer is a permanent resource.

      - By any sorts of prayers (Éphésiens 6:18): the prayer can take very varied forms: simple demand, instante plea, calling for help, effusion of the heart, the cry for help, the questioning, the thanking, the praise and the worship …

       In the Bible, we find numerous believers in prayer. We are going to consider in the next few weeks some of these prayers, which illustrate the immense variety of this provided us with resource.

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