"Do not you know that those who run in the stage run all, but that the only one receives the price? Run so as to take away him." 1 Corinthians 9:24

"Let us run with patience the running which is in front of us, eyes fixed to Jesus, the leader of the faith." Hebrew 12:1

      The runners of the test of 5000 meters put the foot on the starting line. They are ready … The running is thrown! After some laps, one of them gets loose from his competitors, and outstrips them clearly; it is him who gains the running!

      The apostle Paul compares the life of the Christians with an athletics event, as those who took place in Greece in his time. However he does not say that it is necessary to win against the others, but to run by having for objective to win the prize. What counts, it is the way of running and not the fact of being the first one. We cannot all arrive in head, but we can all run by aiming at the reward.

      At the end of his life, the apostle Paul declares: "I finished the running, I kept faith: from now on, is reserved for me the crown of justice which the Lord, the just judge, will give me" (2 Timothée 4:7, 8). We also find the exhortation to be run "with patience the running". It is not asked to us to do better than the others, but to divert our looks of what could distract us to fix them to Jesus and persevere up to the end.

      Reached the finishing line, once the "Christian finished running", we shall be held then in front of "the just judge" (see 2 Corinthians 5:10). Which rewards that to hear the Lord tell us: "enter the enjoyment of your master" (Matthieu 25:21).

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