Bad thoughts

Bad thoughts

"Consider yourselves as died in the sin." Romain 6:11

"All which is true, all which is honorable, all which is just, all which is pure, all which is pleasant, all which is of good reputation, that it occupies your thoughts." Philippiens 4:8

      Is it the devil who creates the bad thoughts at a believer?

      No, it is not the devil, but well the nature of sin which is still in the believer.

      Lord Jésus said: "it is from the heart that come the bad thoughts" (Matthieu 15:19). The source of the unavowable thoughts is still in us. But the devil has a big experience to act on the men. He knows how to take itself there to move our desires, arouse our greed and bring us to sin. His attacks focus on the domains where we are particularly fragile.

      The only fact of being pulled in shady thoughts should be for us the warning signal of an attack of the enemy. Have we the reflex to turn simply to Jesus, the one who overcame Satan, to be freed? An immediate call to the Lord will scare off him. "Be sober, watch: over your opponent, the devil, as a howling lion, roams around you, looking who he can devour. Resist him, being firm in the faith" (1 Pierre 5:8, 9).

      Let us read the Word of God, it will cleanse our consciousness, will maintain it on the alert and will make her capable of detecting any impure thought. She will light us, will feed our spirit of good things, will show us the straight and narrow. Present in our heart, it will be an effective weapon to hunt the enemy. "I hid your word in my heart, so that I do not sin against you … Your word is a lamp in my foot, and a light in my path" (Psalm 119:11, 105).

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