Be a follower

Be a follower

"(Said Jesus:) in this my Father is glorified, that you carry a lot of fruit; and you will be my followers." Jean 15:8

"if you persevere in my word, you are really my followers." Jean 8:31

      In verses of today, we can feel how much Jesus wished that those who surrounded him are committed behind him. Of course, he wished that his fellow countrymen believe in him and recognize that he was the Son of God, but he wanted more that it: he wanted real followers, people faithful and devoted to his continuation.

      It makes us think: we who received the safety by the faith, do not satisfy us with being saved and with having the insurance of the eternal life. Our Rescuer expects from us for the real consecration to his service. He wishes that we carry some fruit for him, a lot of fruit. This fruit, it can be people brought to the faith and to the safety by our way. But it is simply a holy, peaceful, devoted everyday life, a behavior which highlights that we are Christians. Our God appreciates to see on the earth of the men and the women whom we can recognize as bound to Jesus (Acts 4:13).

      The second day verse gives us the key to be up to this task. The willingness is not enough, it is also necessary the discernment of the will of our Father. It is there that intervenes the reading of the Bible, the alive word which teaches us, corrects us and leads us to a good spiritual "hygiene". Let us read the holy book daily, "to be filled with the knowledge of its will, in any wisdom and spiritual intelligence, to walk in a deserving way from the Lord to please him in all respects, carrying some fruit in any good work" (Colossiens 1:9, 10).

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