Beautiful because liked

Beautiful because liked

"Since you became precious for me, you were glorious, and I, I loved you." Ésaïe 43:4

"I loved you of eternal love; that is why I attract you kindly." Jérémie 31:3

      A girl had for toy only an old doll in the torn away leg. "Your doll is not very beautiful", tells him somebody. Having squeezed her against her breast and having caressed one moment, she shows her to her interlocutor by exclaiming: "now, she is attractive!" This scene reminds me another 4-year-old girl who told her mother: "mom, you are beautiful because I love you!"

      The children seize spontaneously, it seems, this character "transformer" of love … God does not love to us because we are honest, beautiful, affectionate, but so that we became him. He wants to make us good because he loves us. It is the love which can produce in us this change.

      When the sculptor examines a block of raw marble, he does not think in this initial state, but in the magnificent sculpture that it will become, once the ended work. So love of the Lord for his is not based on what is in them, but on what there is in its own heart, and what it is going to make of them: one day they will be similar to him.

      Also, our love for the other believers, our brothers and the sisters, should not lean on what it of good there in them, but on what the Lord made for them, and on what it will make of them. This is the way we should see each other each other. If we raise the defects of each, we shall be often discouraged. But if we see in our brother "the one for which Christ died" (Romain 14:15), then we shall know how to like him as Christ also likes him (Éphésiens 5:1, 2).

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