Christian: follower of Christ?

Christian: follower of Christ?

"But you, are sober in all, endure the sufferings, make the work of an evangelist, carry out completely your service." 2 Timothée 4:5

      It was in the street, a little bit fearless approach:

      - Hello, I am very young but I would like to speak to you about Jesus because I see you sad and maybe tired of the life. Do you know that Jesus is alive and that today, he wants and can make us happy?

      - Ah! Do not speak to me religion, it is a vast trickery, I saw very closely the hypocrisy of member of a religious order who made worse than the others!

      - Unfortunately, what you say is certainly true, I have to recognize him, but do not you think that it is necessary to distinguish what shows a very miserable Christianity and the real faith in Jesus Christ? Imagine that I steal you your jacket and that, by having him on me, I commit a burglary. A witness saw me running away to me, but was not able to catch me. And as he recognized your jacket, he denounces you to the police. What would you say if you were stopped for burglary?

      - I would deny him immediately, by saying that it was not me who carried my jacket.

      - Exactly! Also, you cannot confuse Jesus Christ and those who bear wrongly Christian's name.

      - Ah, you are maybe right! I am going to reflect about it.

      Some time later, this old man approaches me.

      - Tell me, young missionary, how I can become Christian if I do not go to church services?

      I answered his questions by reading with him directly in my New Testament of pocket, then I left him to him. The following meeting, Christ's enjoyment shone on the face!

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