Christian life, sad life of renunciation?

Christian life, sad life of renunciation?

"If somebody is in Christ, it is a new creation: the old things passed; well, any things are made new." 2 Corinthians 5:17

"Open my eyes, and I shall see the marvels which are in your law." Psalm 119:18

      Has this spread enough idea some explanation? Indeed, numerous people would want to accommodate their Christianity to a life where we refuse ourselves nothing, while posting a religious practice which remains insipid and without enjoyment. Others, not having really included the Gospel, live in the fear, the fear of an avenging God. In reality they do not know him and would want to calm him by practices allying the worship to any sorts of hardships. Who would want of such a Christianity, which is there only a sad parody?

      It is true that the Christian, the one who received Jesus Christ in his heart, gives up what is bad, in what is only "vanity and pursuit of the wind", in the attractive things which the world presents under a pleasant day but what destroys us, body, soul, and family … Is he sad? Quite the opposite. The real Christian trusts his God. He knows his love. What God recommends him in the Bible is always for his good. It is happy to have these marks in the middle of what offers a confused world.

      Listen to this testimony: "yes, when I became Christian, I abandoned many things but I received from it from others:

      Loaded by a consciousness which tormented me and an ill-at-ease heart, I received God's forgiveness. He donated me his peace. I lost my alcohol addiction. I am more afraid of the future.

      Be converted and become Christian. What I lost was for me an inestimable earnings."

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