Common Treasury

Common Treasury

"God both loved the world and it gave his Only son, so that whoever believes in him does not die, but so that it has the eternal life." Jean 3:16

"Graces to God for his unspeakable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15

      Shortly after the Second World War, I worked at a wooden trader's and a coal. Because of the general shortage we were authorized to sell it only of small quantities to the private individuals. I was responsible for watching the distribution. An old man often came with a small wheelbarrow to buy some wood. I served him personally. One day I asked him:

      - It is not too tiring to push this wheelbarrow in charge of?

      - If, but it is a present for my children. It is a big enjoyment for me to give them this wood.

      Affected by his dedication, I asked him:

      - Tell me, you know what is the biggest gift which was made for us? The old man, occupied with attaching the bag on his wheelbarrow, recovered and, the brilliant eyes, tells me:

      - It is a God who gave us his beloved Son!

      I was amazed. While five minutes previously we had only business connections, we could suddenly speak to each other as two brothers. The generosity of this old man had made us turn eyes to the one who offered the biggest treasure which we can imagine: give his life to save men! Further to it we had a happy conversation about the Lord and about its big safety.

      You gave everything to us, o God,

      In Jesus Christ, supreme gift.

      By him we enter the holy place,

      By him we bless your name.

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