Computer virus

Computer virus

"There is no just man, not even the only one; there is nobody who has of the intelligence, there is nobody who looks for God there is none who practises the kindness, there is even no only one." Romain 3:10-12

      The computer, this machine which swallows information in a phenomenal speed, analyzes them, compares them, calculates and posts at once its results, who could take place today? Nevertheless, if by hostility a small program pirates is introduced into a computer, now data in memory destroy themselves and what the machine stops obeying its master.

      Do not we have an illustration of what there that is the man? He is good God's masterpiece, Creator. It is capable of thinking, of conceiving, of choosing, of making, of liking … But, just like an IT virus-infected computer, our internal being is not capable of producing what pleases God, what is good, true, beautiful, but he is rather driven by the egoism, the pride, the greed. We who were made to serve and honor our Creator, we were "all contaminated" by the virus of the sin, and God had to make this observation without appeal: "there is no difference, because all sinned" (Romain 3:23).

      As well as the lived as a parasite computer can find its utility only in passing in the hands of the competent specialist, for each of us, sinners, the only solution consists in recognizing us such, and in putting back us in the hands of God. He gives us then a new life, that of Jesus Christ.

      "If somebody is in Christ, it is a new creation: the old things passed; well, any things are made new; and all come from the God who reconciled us with himself by Christ" (2 Corinthians 5:17, 18).

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