Confidence in God, any time

Confidence in God, any time

"Confide of all your heart in the Eternal, and do not press you on your intelligence." Proverbs 3:5

"Confide in him any time, spread your heart in front of him: God is our refuge." Psalm 62:8

      Our life often passes by with small difficulties which disappear so fast as they arrive. We maybe resolved them by ourselves, by thinking that it was useless to speak about it to God our Father. Then one day, arrive more serious, unexpected obstacles: disease, accident, professional concerns … By habit, we look immediately for solutions. A few moments of hesitation or doubt, and we take our life in hand. We try to face, or maybe we go round in circles without seeing of outcome …

      Would God be absent in details of our daily life? Would we have forgotten him? We did not lose the faith in the work of Lord Jésus which saves us, nor the conviction that he prepared us a place with him in the house of the Father. But we forgot for a moment this effective confidence, "any time", lived by his children, whom our God deserves. Does not our Father have in reserve for us immense wealth of kindness, wisdom, loyalty and power? We went without it by the absence of an active and constant faith, dependent on God. But he loves us, he does not want it for his children. On the contrary, he wishes to see us increasing in the knowledge of his love, and feeling his tenderness at every step of the road. Then the obstacles which he allows are there to refresh our faith, make it more persevering, more intelligent. Let us learn, by the prayer, to put back him all our situations, commonplace, happy, or dreaded; he will give us the peace of the heart and the serenity in spite of the test.

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