Confidence in God

Confidence in God

"Blessed the man who confides in the Eternal, and of whom the Eternal is the confidence! He will be as a tree crashed near waters; he will spread his roots towards the current; he will not notice when the heat will come, its sheet will be always green; in the year of the drought he will not be afraid, and he will not stop carrying some fruit." Jérémie 17:7, 8

      The water is one of the main elements which enter the constitution of a tree; according to the varieties, she represents 30 to 80 % of her elements. To compensate for the evaporation, the tree has to draw constantly a big quantity of water from the ground.

      So he is of the believer. If he wants to grow spiritually, he has to drink ceaselessly to this spiritual source that is the person of Lord Jésus. In practice it means living near him by the prayer, the reading of the Bible. The contact with other believers can only enrich this relation.

      Every day lived in the closeness of the Lord we made progress and roots us in his love (Éphésiens 3:18). But, as the tree is subjected to the heat of the summer, our lives can be disturbed by difficulties: family problems, disease, unemployment, or even incomprehensions between Christians. There are reasons for worrying, for being discouraged and brought down, but the Bible asserts: "he will not be afraid", and even "he will not stop carrying some fruit". The one who put his confidence in the Lord feels well the difficulties, he suffers from it, but he remains firm and peaceful. The test will become a new opportunity to experience the grace of God.

      The "foliage" remains green: what we see of the Christian, its peace, its serenity, is not affected by what he crosses. His confidence in God did not evaporate under the pressure of the difficulties. Even isolated, he draws directly with God the food to carry some fruit, that is to show in his conduct the characters of the Lord.

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