Crises (1): the meeting

Crises (1): the meeting

"Having fallen on the ground, he heard a voice which told him: Saül! Saül! Why do you persecute me? - who are you, Lord? He asked. - I am a Jesus whom you persecute." Acts 9:4, 5

      - The example (Acts 9:1-22): Saül (the future apostle Paul) was an opponent of the Christians, particularly relentless. He was, as he will say it later, "a blasphemer, a persecutor and a violent", the "first one" of the sinners (1 Timothée 1:13,15). One day, he went to Damascus, in Syria, to stop the Christians. But on the road, at midday, he is suddenly blinded by a brilliant clarity. Thrown on the ground, he learns that the One who calls out to him down from the glory is a Jesus whom he persecutes by attacking his followers!

      - The lesson: the conversion of Saül is exceptional, impressive! But it is an example of that of all the believers (1 Timothée 1:16). I did meet myself with the Lord? She was not maybe so spectacular; nevertheless, if I am a real believer, I had to one day bow before alive Jesus Christ, and listen to him speaking to me personally.

      This decisive meeting often occurs by reading the Bible, by listening to a message, by speaking with a believer … Then I understand, I believe: Jesus Christ is very alive! He is not more the one than we saw dead on the cross, he is the Lord in the sky, the one who has all the authority. He is also the leader of the faith, in the sky, but united with each of the believers on the earth.

      From its meeting with the Lord, Saül spoke to him. Too, if I believed, I can speak to him, ask him(it), and tell him: "Lord Jésus"!

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