Crises (11): the failure, the renunciation

Crises (11): the failure, the renunciation

"Pierre began making curses and swearing: I do not know this man (Jesus)! Immediately a cock sang." Matthieu 26:74

"The Lord, turning around, looked at Pierre; and Pierre remembered the word of the Lord, which had told him: "before the cock sings, you will deny me three times". Having gone out outside, he cried bitterly." Luc 22:61, 62

      - The example (Luc 22:55-62): when Jesus asks his followers: "who do you say that I am?" Pierre answers: "you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God" (Matthieu 16:15,16). What a faith! Which love also when he will say: "even if it is necessary to me to die with you, I shall not deny you" (26:35). Nevertheless, a few hours later, he refuses three times to admit that he is a follower of Jesus.

      For Pierre, it is the shock, the failure. Is he going to succumb to the despair? No, Jesus turns around and looks at his follower who goes out and cries bitterly. Jesus remains alone in front of the court, he is condemned to death …

      But later, Jesus, resuscitated, finds Pierre, and in front of the other followers he ask: "do you love Me more that these love me?" Pierre answers: "yes, Lord, you know that I love you". Then Jesus confides him the care of the young believers (see Jean 21:15,16).

      - The lesson: why did Pierre deny its master? It seems that at first, he too much trusted himself. He considered that he loved so much the Lord that he could never deny him even if others made him.

      To believe and to love the Lord ardently is not enough for keeping us to deny him somehow or other. To be maintained believers, let us stay near the Lord, in thought, in prayer. Let us listen to him, let us matter on his love, not on ours. If we fall in sin, he will make as for Pierre: he will speak to our heart and to our consciousness, he will raise us. More still, he will allow us to serve him.

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