Crises (12): the prison

Crises (12): the prison

"In any event I am as well taught to be full that to be hungry, as well to be in the abundance that to be in the hardships. I can quite there the one who strengthens me … I am filled." Philippiens 4:12,13,18

      - The example (Acts 24:27): the apostle Paul had written to the believers in Rome: "I know that, by going with you, I shall go to the plenitude of Christ's blessing" (Romain 15:29). He doubtless thought of joining these believers by being free, but he was stopped in Jerusalem. It is from prison to prison that he will come to Rome, prisoner.

      What a test for Paul! He who travelled everywhere to announce the Gospel is deprived of freedom. Nevertheless the Lord does not make a mistake, and it is really "in the plenitude of Christ's blessing" that the apostle is prisoner in Rome. There he wrote letters which will be a part of the Bible and will be read by millions of Christians. In prison, he drafted them by feeling the care of the Lord: "I am filled".

      - The lesson: often the Bible speaks prisons as place where God acts with power in favour of inequitably persecuted his. As he made him for Paul, God used many believers in prison to serve him, in particular to work on the study of the Bible. They were able to make unforgettable experiences of the loyalty of the Lord and the truth of the Gospel.

      But, normally, we are in prison to have badly acted … In prison as free, every day offers us the possibility of thinking of God and of asking him. The days of wait and suffering lived in prison can make us meet the Lord … A lot, so stopped on a path of perdition, found that of the delivery, the real liberation by Jesus.

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