Crises ( 3 ): the error

Crises (3): the error

"David and people who was with him raised their voices and cried, until there was not any more in them of strength to cry … And David strengthened in the Eternal, his God." 1 Samuel 30:4-6

      - The example (1 Samuel 30:1-20): the young person David with his soldiers for a moment joined the enemies of his people to avoid the persecution: grave fault! The Eternal frees him from this ambiguous situation, but he also allows difficulties further to this error. During their absence the town of Tsiklag where they lived was burned, plundered, the women and the children disappeared … Did they die? Prisoners? David lost everything. Even his friends turn around against him. He has nothing more … Only God stays in him! Then "David strengthened in the Eternal, his God". He resumes courage, asks the Lord and questions it about what he has to make. He makes a commitment then in pursuit of the kidnappers and finds everything!

      - The lesson: I maybe made a commitment on a bad path, far from the Lord, and I am sad. Is everything lost? It is my fault, my friends know him … What's to be done? As David, pray and "to strengthen in the Lord" (Éphésiens 6:10). Look for with a full confidence its presence, even if I feel "at the bottom of the hole"; nothing to hide from him. Accept his appreciation on all that I made, without doubting its forgiveness, its grace and its power. That's it "strengthen in the Lord", and as immediate consequence, I shall feel its peace, a deep peace, without shade. Then, inside every close friend of Him, I shall have the strength to question him about what I have to make, conscious that I deserve nothing, but also that he likes to answer the wait and the aspiration of his, with a great kindness.

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