Crises ( 5 ): the irritation

Crises (5): the irritation

"It was a near thing that my steps slid; because I envied the arrogant persons, by seeing the prosperity of the miserable … But, for me, to approach me God is my good; I put my confidence in the Lord." Psalm 73:2, 3, 28

      - The example (Psalm 73): Asaph managed the singings at the time of king David. It is a committed believer, but it seems to him that God reserves punishments and sufferings to those who are afraid of him, whereas he saves the proud and the miserable. Then he gets angry and is not far from accusing God of injustice. What's the use be held far from the evil?

      He pursues his painful reflection, but suddenly the light is made! God shows him where finishes the path of the miserable. The slope which they follow leads them straight ahead to the disaster. Their prosperity on the earth will have been only an illusion. Then Asaph is delighted to know God, he appreciates his presence: "to approach me God is my good". He wants to rent the Lord.

      - The lesson: Christian Friends, does not it happen to us to envy those who take advantage of all that offers the existence, without worrying about God? Do not the believers have more punishments than those who live without asking itself too much of questions? But this way of seeing limits itself to appearances.

      In reality those who did not put their confidence in God and who let go themselves in the evil, have often then many sufferings, but especially they will be a day judged by God. On the contrary, believe to Lord Jésus and look for what pleases him is certainly a fight, but it leaves the free consciousness and makes really happy.

      What a privilege to be able to ask with confidence the Lord! God's presence is a source of enjoyment which only the believer knows.

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