Crises (6): God's silence and doubts

Crises (6): God's silence and doubts

"Will the Lord reject for ever? And will not he show more his favor? Did his kindness stop for ever?" Psalm 77:7, 8

"Jesus Christ is the Same, yesterday, and today, and eternally." Hebrew 13:8

      - The example (Psalm 77): Asaph, the musician, crosses now difficult times, and he is tourmented, to lose the sleep, by a question: why does not God intervene more so directly as formerly in favour of the believers? He had heard about deliveries, but maintaining God seems silent. Asaph is then full of bitterness and assailed by the doubt.

      Suddenly he becomes aware that he follows a wrong track. He stops complaining. His thoughts take another direction. In his past life, he discovers now marvels allowed by God. He understands that the size of its interventions can perceive itself only in its presence, even if some remain mysterious.

      - The lesson: the difficulties of our life sometimes arouse such reasonings: we judge love of the Lord according to our circumstances. Because he seems to have stopped intervening, we begin doubting him. Such thoughts change nothing his loyalty. And they prevent us exactly from taking advantage of consolations which he prepares us. As Asaph, we could say: "my soul refused to be consoled" (v. 2).

      Complain by thinking that the believers of formerly had the easier life is an error. Some were severely persecuted. Let us react and let us look at the already traveled path by counting God's benefactions. He does not maybe act as formerly, but there is "the Same". He led the believers of formerly, he will lead those of today. He loves us.

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