Crises (7): moral Sufferings

Crises (7): moral Sufferings

"O eternal! Remember me … For you, I carry the opprobrium. Your words were, I ate them; and your words were for me the enjoyment and the enjoyment of my heart." Jérémie 15:15,16

"All those who want to live piously in the Christ Jesus will be persecuted." 2 Timothée 3:12

      - The example (Jérémie 20:1-18): difficult Mission for the prophet Jérémie: he had to announce that Jerusalem was going to be taken by king of Babylon. Is not there any possibility of escaping? There is one, answered Jérémie, if you stop hurting and return to the Eternal, but you do not want him!

      Jérémie repeats his message … We do not listen to him, then we laugh at him, finally we persecute him until throw him in prison. The prophet expresses its pain to see his people choosing the evil as its loss. But in his distress, he can pray and speak to his God: "your words were, I ate them". God promises to his faithful witness to free him.

      - The lesson: friend reader, the evil is present around us, and in ourselves, as also among the believers. "The most sad thing, said a Christian person in charge, is the evil in the church!" Jérémie supported the persecution on behalf of his people … What sufferings!

      Why does it happen that a believer suffers inequitably on behalf of his brothers in the faith? Because he would want to obey the Word of God in a Christian environment which tends to go away from it. He aches to be not understood, but numerous committed believers went that way (Jacques 5:10). And if, in my tour, I have to endure such sufferings, the Lord supports my faith; he makes me feel his condolences and, more still, his love for all his. In his Word I find strength and consolation and even, as Jérémie, "the enjoyment of my heart".

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