Crises (8): disease and separation

Crises (8): disease and separation

"Said Job: nude I went out of the breast of my mother, and naked I shall turn to it; the Eternal gave, and the Eternal took; that the name of the Eternal is blessed!" Job 1:20, 21

      - The example (Job 3): job was an honorable believer who respected God. On the material plan, he was very rich; but, in a few days, he loses everything: a house collapses on his children, and diverse misfortunes destroy all his properties. Is it everything? No, a skin disease makes him suffer continuously.

      What a spiritual crisis for Job! Throughout the narrative, we intend him to shout to God his distress, his doubts, his questions … But, little by little, the light is made in its spirit. His faith is refined, its knowledge of God becomes clearer. He exclaims: "my ear had heard about you, maintaining my eye saw you" (job 42:5).

      - The lesson: the successive losses which swamp him are immense … They leave us pensive, but the learnt spiritual lesson is very rich. And she is double: on one hand Job is freed from its negative reasonings, on the other hand it trusts God and returns him honor by exclaiming: "I know that you can everything" (job 42:2).

      That to say in front of such losses and in front of such a spiritual progress? The testing of the faith of Job produced the patience, and this one carried out in him "its completed work" (Jacques 1:4).

      If we live difficult times and painful separations, do not discourage us! As Job, let us continue to speak to the Lord, let us tell him even our bitterness. At the end, we shall see that "the Lord is full of condolence and merciful" (Jacques 5:11).

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