Crises (9): the prospect of the death

Crises (9): the prospect of the death

"So said the Eternal: give orders for your house, because you are going to die … And Ézéchias asked the Eternal." Ésaïe 38:1,2

"If I have to live in the body, it is well worth it; and what I have to choose, I know nothing about it … I have the desire to leave and to be with Christ, because it is, of many, better." Philippiens 1:22, 23

      - The example (Ésaïe 38): what a shock for king Ézéchias! Still in the prime of life, he learns that he is going to die soon … Then he asks God, because he does not understand. He reminds him that he was faithful and he sheds many tears. God hears his prayer, sees his tears and answers by adding fifteen years to his life.

      This king makes up a paper where he evokes his sufferings, his sadness to leave this world. He also tells that God spoke to him and calmed him. Ézéchias exclaims even: "you, you liked my soul you threw all my sins behind your back … The Eternal wanted to save me" (Ésaïe 38:17-20).

      - The lesson: what a shock to have to envisage that the end of my life is quite close! Everything seems to tip over: my projects do not have sense anymore (Job 17:11); my close friends whom I am going to leave, who will take care of it? There is a pain of the separation … And questions appear: am I ready to leave, to meet God? What about my faith and my hope?

      It is the moment, if I have not made him yet, to turn me to the Lord. If I already know him as my Rescuer, I know that, in his love, he forgave my faults, and that my place is ready with him, in the rest of the sky.

      That he restores me the health, as for Ézéchias, or that he takes me with him, God will choose what is good for me. It is beautiful to live, but "to be with Christ" is much better. That every day which he gives me, I know how to live with his grace and tell him: "thank you, Lord!"

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