Death or eternal life?

Death or eternal life?

"Even in the laughter the heart is sad, and the end of the enjoyment, it is the sorrow." Proverbs 14:13

"Make me go out of my fears. Look at my sadness and at my punishments, and forgives all my sins." Psalm 25:17,18

      You are young, kept silent hide maybe your despair under a stream of varied entertainments, hard music, you cry out your bitterness by acts of rebellion, or even violence. Are you happy because you sing, reflected because you dispute, alive and kicking because you stir?

      In the face of a big space, you are profoundly sad!

      You trusted the world and he disappointed you; you believed in the man and he betrayed you. The company in which you lived does not have marks anymore. She turned the back on God. She does not have more than the choice to live and die in her despair, far from Him.

      Do not make false passage. The present and eternal happiness, the God your creator gives him even now: he is himself the happy God. Become aware of all this evil, these darkness which surround you. In front of God who loves you, recognize that you are not better than the others, and he will forgive you.

      God approached you, he came among the men, as the man, in the person of Jesus Christ, his Son, to make you love understand which he has for you. To tell you also that he has the power to save you without condemning and without scoffing his justice. Jesus Christ made a commitment by love for God and for you to concern the cross the punishment which deserved your faults. If you believe it, it is on the life of Jesus that you will live: you will have found the way of the real happiness!

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