Definitive verdict

Definitive verdict

"Simon Pierre threw himself in the knees of Jesus, saying: Withdraw from me, Lord, because I am a man sinner." Luc 5:8

"This word is certain and deserving being completely received: the Christ Jesus came in the world to save the sinners." 1 Timothée 1:15

      Czar Peter the Great, excessive and violent man, declared a day: "I wish to change my empire, but I cannot change myself". Albert Einstein wrote: "the only real of all times problem is in the heart and the thoughts of the men. It is easier to modify the nature of the plutonium than the scoffing attitude of an individual". These sad but lucid reports show well that is the human nature, the captive of her intentions and her tendency to be badly made, what God declared more than 2000 years ago: "the heart is misleading chiefly, and incurable; who knows him? I, the Eternal, I sound the heart" (Jérémie 17:9, 10). "There is no just man, not even the only one … All sinned" (Romain 3:10, 23).

      But, if God makes this report, he also tells us: "come, and let us plead together … If your sins are as the carmine, they will become snow-white" (Ésaïe 1:18). The situation was thus hopeless, because Jesus the Son of God can return every pure and just sinner in front of God. The only condition is to accept the divine verdict on the fact that we are, and the grace which God offers us because Jesus underwent the punishment which we deserved. "All those who believe are justified free of charge by his grace, by the redemption which is in the Christ a Jesus". It is not a progressive and laborious improvement of our heart by our own efforts, but a complete, radical and definitive transformation. "Happy the man to whom the Lord does not count the sin" (Romain 3:24; 4:8).

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