Disconnected or hyper connected?

Disconnected or hyper connected?

"Persevere in the prayer, staying up in her with thanksgivings." Colossiens 4:2

"Pray ceaselessly." 1 Thessaloniciens 5:17

      "Since my daughter has her smartphone, she makes nothing more other for the house." On the forums, parents express their faintness when others savor the current digital revolution. In a few years, screens and connected objects invaded our everyday life: smartphones, tablets, laptops, no thread hinders our mobility. With these powerful tools, the information circulates very fast. The temptation is big to remain "trendy" all day long on its screen to have breaking news. "Hyper connected" to his mobile phone, we are "disconnected" from his circle of acquaintances, we congeal on a world which we build up ourselves. We isolate ourselves in an environment which forgets the immediate reality.

      God invites every person to answer his call to receive and believe the message of the Gospel. This "connection" is not natural us, it is the gift of God, essential. To have then a communication followed with God is a security of safety and peace for our life on the earth. We need to maintain this "connection" to be guided among so many possible directions. We sometimes forget him, a permanent and confident link with our God, by the prayer, protects us from harmful influences to which we are exposed, helps us in the difficulties. I shall never risk to be "too much connected" to God. He likes seeing his creature maintaining relations with him. "Know that the Eternal chose the pious man. The Eternal will listen to when I shall shout to him" (Psalm 4:3).

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