Distorting mirrors

Distorting mirrors

"The heart is misleading above all and incurable; who knows him? I, the Eternal." Jérémie 17:9

"The Lord will highlight what is hidden in the darkness, and will show the intentions of hearts." 1 Corinthians 4:5

      Between all the attractions of this park visited with our children, distorting mirrors had the biggest success. Each enjoied especially seeing the other one, the thickset bust or the immense legs, and laughed at it cheerfully without realizing always what his own image also had of ridiculous.

      "Know each other yourself" the currency of the philosopher Socrates was. But how reach this knowledge? To trust his own judgment? It is very difficult to be at the same time both judge and jury! To trust the others? The kindness, the interest or the jealousy will falsify their judgment. All our mirrors are more or less warping.

      But he exists there a which is absolutely sincere. It is the Bible, the Word of God. She reveals in a perfect light all that we would like to hide, all our faults, the purpose of our words, our acts … Useless to consider in us innocent in the light of God. We can only plead guilty. But the Bible also announces us that Jesus came to save these culprits, free these condemned persons.

      Know exactly of what God thinks of us, that's it well know each other. Learn that he wants to save us, it is to envisage a new start. Appropriate by the faith Christ's sacrifice in the Ordeal, it is to take this departure and to begin a new life. Christ "died for all so that those who live do not live any more for themselves, but for the one who for them died and was resuscitated" (2 Corinthians 5:15)..

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