Do you believe it?

Do you believe it?

"(Jesus said:)I, I am the resurrection and the life: the one who believes in me, even if he dies, will live." Jean 11:25

"I am the path, and the truth, and the life." Jean 14:6

      In the entrance of a cemetery of Haute-Loire, a panel carries this registration: "while waiting for Jean 11:25". Reference to the text of the Bible indicated above, and testimony of faith in the resurrection.

      In this narrative, Jesus declares to Marthe, in mourning of his brother: "I am the resurrection and the life". And he questions him: "do you Believe it?" This question addresses us all, and in a particularly pressing way when we are in a cemetery. Of the answer which we shall give, depends our eternal condition. A single alternative: "if you believe, you will see the glory of God" (v. 40), either: "if you do not believe you will die in your sins" (Jean 8:24).

      Jesus died, but he is resuscitated, eternally living. He told the apostle Jean: "be not afraid; I am the first one and the last one, and the alive; and I was dead, and here is I am alive in the centuries of the centuries; and I hold the keys of the death" (Apocalypse 1:17,18). All those who confide in him receive the certainty that even if they die, they will live for ever. They will see the glory of God. His power will spread to resuscitate the bodies of the believers in the coming of the Lord.

      But for those who refuse to believe in the Son of God, "the anger of God lives" on them (Jean 3:36). For them, the death will mark a definitive separation from God, in the place of the eternal agonies, "the pond of fire" (Apocalypse 20:10,14).

      God wants that all the men are saved. He forgives even today the one who regrets and believes in Lord Jésus.

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