"Be not afraid, because I am with you; be not worried, because I am your God." Ésaïe 41:10

"Be always delighted; pray ceaselessly; in all things return graces, because such is God's will in the Christ Jesus towards you." 1 Thessaloniciens 5:16-18

      Be always delighted! What a wonderful program! Nevertheless we rather tend to dwell on the difficulties of the life. It is necessary to recognize that she contains many concerns and contrarieties for each of us.

      The apostle Paul gives us his secret to be joyful, whatever are our living conditions: "in all things return graces". II has subjects there for which it is easy to thank God, still it is necessary to think of it! But there is others for which it seems to us very difficult to express our gratitude.

      Nevertheless we know that God loves us. All that he allows is for our good. We know him because the Bible asserts it to us, but it is something else to believe it and to live him. Let us ask to God that he(it) helps us to envisage the test which we cross at the moment as coming from him, let us accept with confidence this suffering, because, if he allowed it in our life, it can be only an effect of its wisdom, as all that he makes.

      We shall find then enjoyment and confidence in him. It will see itself, our peaceful face will be a testimony in the grace of God.

      God allows the distress - to bless us;

      Never the hand hurts - to make us suffer.

      You train(form) on the earth - Your beloved children.

      Be rented, soft Father, - For your watchful care!

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