Fate or God's plan?

Fate or God's plan?

"The heart of the man proposes its way, but the Eternal arranges its steps." Proverbs 16:9

      The words "luck" or "the risk" belong to our daily vocabulary. A such never has luck; this one had the chance of a lifetime, in such other one else we wish good luck. In reality, the employment of these words suggests that the fate of each of us is subjected at random. The Bible shows us that that's not the case, and gives a beautiful illustration in Ruth's history (approximately 13 centuries before Jesus Christ). Ruth is a moabite young woman. She leaves nevertheless her country to accompany Naomi, her Jewish mother-in-law, who returns to Israel after a while of absence. Widows, without resources, them both arrive to Bethlehem, in Judea. In this country, Ruth will be considered as a foreigner. She has no right to live there. To assure their survival, Ruth begins gleaning ears in a field of barley which, by chance, is to be the one of Boaz, one most blood relatives of Naomi. This one is willing to welcome Ruth and her mother-in-law, but he also has, according to the Jewish law, the possibility of marrying Ruth to assure a descent her dead husband. Ruth will become then the great-grandmother of king David and will belong to the lineage of the Messiah!

      What a plan of God's love for a foreign and deprived widow! God so shows us that by way of fate, it is himself who checks everything in the life of each. It is this God of love who leads you now to read these lines to be met the one who wants and who can save you: Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

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