Follow the example of Master

Follow the example of Master

"(Jesus said:) verily, I say unto you: as far as you made him to one of these smallest which are my brothers, you made him to me to me." Matthieu 25:40

      Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), chairs the United States, often watched playing the pupils of a school behind the grounds of the White House. One day, he lives several boys to laugh at an other one because he was scantily dressed.

      The president, affected by what we made suffer to this unfortunate raises, learnt that the father of this 9-year-old small boy had been killed as soldier in the army, and that her mother raised her family by doing laundries.

      Next week, the small pupil arrived at the school with new clothes. He told proudly the class that the president was come to his place, that he had taken all the family buy new clothes, and makes deliver at their home important reserves and a big heap of coal. To crown it all, he(it) took out of his pocket a letter for the class, signed by the very president, and drafted so: "please, write this verse of the Bible on the blackboard: As far as you made him to one of these smallest which are my brothers, you made him to me to me" (Matthieu 25:40).

      A little later, the president appeared at the school. He came to speak to the pupils of the fact what he had observed in the court, and explained the direction of the verse which was still registered on the picture. Affected by this message of the Bible, the children changed attitude.The president would have simply been able to make them the lesson. But he chooses to put into practice the Word of God, then to explain it, because he knew his power to convince hearts.

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