Give him the hand

Give him the hand

"Give the hand to the Eternal … Because the Eternal, your God, remitted and is merciful." 2 Chronicles 30:8, 9

"Did my hand become too short so that I can acquire, and is not there a strength in me to free?" Ésaïe 50:2

      Michel - angel's fresco evokes the creation of Adam: God tightens the arm towards the man who, of his helping hand, tries to affect his Creator.

      In Jesus Christ, God made more than hold out the hand. He came down towards the man, he became a man. He affected with condolence of the sick, the blind persons, the deaf persons, the mutes, the paralyzed people, and even lepers, these untouchable. He affected the stretcher where rested a dead man, the only son of a widow, and said: "young man, I tell you, get up", and the dead man got up (Luc 7:14).

      This hand which based the earth (Ésaïe 48:13) also created the man: "your hands trained me and shaped me as some clay", says Job (10:8, 9). It is the hand which comes to help us (Psalm 119:173) and to free us.

      But the man in his wickedness nailed the Christ in the cross. Resuscitated Jesus will tell his followers: "see my hands and my feet: it is myself! Affect me and see… He showed them the hands and his feet" (Luc 24:38-40).

      Jesus holds out to you the hand now. This leaky hand is the indelible proof of his love. To give him the hand, it is to accept that he died on our place, loaded our sins. This affectionate hand demands ours, more than it, our heart. "I loved you of eternal love; that is why I attract you kindly" (Jérémie 31:3).

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