Happy New Year, better wishes!

Happy New Year, better wishes!

"[Jesus Christ] came, and announced the good news of the peace." Éphésiens 2:17

"That the peace God is with you all!" Romain 15:33

      Tradition obliges, a considerable number of messages of "Good year" is exchanged between parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors, at the beginning of the new year. Messages by SMS count by hundred millions, web sites propose original formulae of wishes so that each can wish his of "good things" for their life to come, without believing in it maybe really.

      The Bible, her, is expanding of messages which announce good and certain things, for all those who agree to receive them:

      - The good news of the birth of a Rescuer, a Jesus Christ (Luc 2:10). God became a man among the men. This event is fundamental for our happiness.

      - The good news of the peace (Romain 5:1). The peace with God is assured for the one who believes in the work of Jesus Christ, died on the cross for the forgiveness of its sins. Furthermore, the peace of mind lives in the one who confides his life to his Rescuer.

      - The good hope (2 Thessaloniciens 2:16), it is, for every believer, the promise of one beyond glorious in God's paradise with Jesus (Luc 23:43).

      Today still, the one who puts in God his confidence will be, according to the biblical image, as a tree crashed near the water, which will not stop carrying some fruit in a difficult time (Jérémie 17:7,8). The Christian knows that God leads everything at the good end for him (Psalm 57:2). He can envisage so peacefully the unknown of new year, everything while waiting for Jesus who is going to return.

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