His new happiness

His new happiness

"I am delighted in your safety." 1 Samuel 2:1

"The Eternal made big things for us; we were delighted." Psalm 126:3

      Vincent has just learnt that her mother is reached by a qualified cancer of striking … What a terrible blow, what an immense pain!

      "My mother is going to die and I cannot help him, I have nothing tell him who can comfort her". In his despair, he shouts to God, whom he does not know: "we need you. If you exist, show yourself to me".

      A few days later, he meets a Christian who speaks to him about Jesus the Rescuer, the one who frees us from our moral poverty and who wants to calm our pains. He also evokes his condolences, the alive hope which he lets to the believer be soon with him eternally, the house of the Father where all the tears will be erased and where the death will not be any more (Apocalypse 21:4).

      What a wonderful discovery in its sorrow! Immediately, he wants to share his new happiness with her mother. He speaks to him about it with this conviction of the rising faith, which in his/her turn comes to call out to the consciousness of her mother. Finally he sees a Jesus filling his peace heart.

      The disease took this liked mom, but in the arms of the good Shepherd. Vincent shows, not impassive: "I hardly dare to say it, but the last days crossed with my mother were the most beautiful of my life. We had a thing so big to be shared! Jesus had filled our hearts of love and peace which it is impossible to describe".

      "God is our refuge and our strength, a help in the distresses, always easy to find" (psalm 46:1). "Jesus Christ made the peace by the blood of his cross" (Colossiens 1:20).

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