How to forgive?

How to forgive?

"If it happens that your brother sins against you, goes, resume him, in private; if he listens to you, you gained your brother." Matthieu 18:15

"Will Lord how many times my brother sin against me and him I shall forgive? Until 7 times? Jesus tells him: I do not tell you until 7 times, but until 70 times 7 times." Matthieu 18:21,22

      Verses quoted today teach me the course to follow when somebody who is close me sins against me. Am I going to plant in my dignity or rest me in victim, until the one who offended me comes from himself to confess his fault and to apologize to me? Am I going to inform about it at once about others so that we take a stand against him? No, not at all! The Lord tells me to make the first step, to move to try "to gain" my brother, without reproaches, without anger, just with the desire to restore with him relationships of trust.

      I can make this approach only with the God-given strength; my nature does not push me there, quite the opposite. But it will be easier if I remember that my Rescuer forgave me. It is the education which Jesus gives us in Matthieu 18:21-35. What comparison is there between the insult that was able to make for me my brother and the one that I made to God? Between a small wound of my self-esteem and what crossed Jesus Christ by paying the price of my forgiveness by his death on the cross?

      Undoubtedly the approach of forgiveness will be easier to me if I am conscious whom we are, my brother just like me, of those for whom Christ died (Romain 14:15). And I shall remember the answer of Jesus to Pierre: not only 7 times, but until 490 times, that is as often as necessity, with love and perseverance.

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