I am the door (3)

I am the door (3)

"Jesus still tells them: really, really, I tell you that I am the door of ewes … If somebody enters by me, he will be saved; he will enter and will go out, and he will find of the feed … I came so that they have the life, and so that they have him in abundance." Jean 10:7-10

      Jesus tells us that it is the door, the door of ewes: if we want to approach God, to be safe "in the sheepfold", shielded from the judgment which we deserve, there is no other way than to believe in him: "if somebody enters by me, he will be saved" (Jean 10:9). "There is a safety in no other one" (acts 4:12).

      It does not mean that ewes are forced, that they cannot go to graze the grass of pastures, quite the opposite: the one who believes in him "will enter and will go out, and he will find of the feed (of the food)". Jesus is at the same time our freedom and our security, the one who accompanies us every day and to whom we can return ceaselessly.

      Jesus is our freedom: indeed, if the Law given formerly by God to Moses was completed, she could only force us and condemn us. She had only been given to show the claim and the incapacity of those who said: "all that the Eternal said, we shall make him" (exodus 19:8). But the Christians are not any more submitted to a law; "the grace and the truth came by Jesus Christ" (Jean 1:17). The faith in Jesus gave them a new life the purpose of which is to please God.

      Jesus is also their security, because the shepherd counts its ewes and its lambs in the entrance and in the exit of the sheepfold. If the only one comes to go away or to get lost, he(it) will go get it "until he found him" (Luc 15:3-6).

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