I am the real stock (7)

I am the real stock (7)

"(Said Jesus:) I, I am the real stock, and my Father is the farmer … Live in me, as me in you. As well as the vine shoot cannot of itself carry any fruit, unless it lives in the stock, also you either you cannot, on the condition that you did not live in me." Jean 15:1, 4

      In the Old Testament, the vineyard symbolized the people of Israel (Psalm 80, Ésaïe 5, Jérémie 2). Which surprise for the followers to understand Jesus to say: "I am the real stock"! If they wanted to carry some fruit for God and to please him, it was not enough to belong to these people, it was necessary to them to trust to Jesus. It is true also for us, Christians. If we can carry out acts which please God, it is because we are united with Jesus, and not with the Christendom or with such church!

      "I am the stock, you, vine shoots … Separated from me, you can make nothing", says Jesus. The religious followers belong to their Lord, as vine shoots are attached to the vineyard. They can then carry some fruit, that is reproduce the characters of Jesus. As the sap flows of the stock towards vine shoots, the life of Jesus flows of him in us and shows itself in love, enjoyment, peace, patience, holiness …

      To carry some fruit, vine shoots must be freed of the useless, harmful branches. This work is the image of the education and the discipline of God for the Christian. He can be made by tests, but he is made at first by the attentive reading of the Word of God and the obedience her told us. To read the Bible can ache because what we are really is revealed there. We discern thoughts, trends which will have to disappear if we want that our life is more in accordance with the thought of God. The Farmer, that is God, acts in this sense. Our responsibility is to learn of him every day.

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