In this beginning of year

In this beginning of year

"The grace, the mercy, the peace will be with you on behalf of God in the truth and in love." 2 Jean 3

      This year will she(it) be better than the previous one?

      We meet the same difficulties. The poverty remains around us and maybe at our home. We notice that nothing really changed for the better. In fact, the men remain the same. We like to raise that they are capable of prodigious discoveries, disinterestedness, exploits … But are not they also always power-hungry, of wealth, easy pleasures? And to get their own way, they can show themselves nasty, liars, thieves, cruel.

      In the Bible, God tells us: "the heart is misleading chiefly, and incurable; who knows him? I, the Eternal, I sound the heart" (Jérémie 17:9, 10). But he also shows us how he can change him(it). God came on the earth among us in Jesus Christ his Son, to begin again our history. Jesus was the only man completed in the eyes of God. His conduct pure and full of love highlighted the wickedness of his contemporaries, who nailed him on a cross. There nevertheless, target of the hatred of the man, Jesus wanted to be sentenced to our place. We deserved the death and God's judgment. He died for us and he is resuscitated. Now, he gives to the one who believes a new life, the peace and the communion with God. It is the first condition so that each lives among the men these characters of the life of Jesus: peace, love, the truth, justice, enjoyment, humility will you be a witness this new year?

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