In whom have you faith?

In whom have you faith?

"The faith is the insurance of what we hope, and the conviction of realities which we do not see." Hebrew 11:1

"Have faith in God." Marc 11:22

"The just man will live by his faith." Habakuk 2:4

      If I take the plane, I trust the pilot. From the take-off, I master nothing more myself.

      With God, it is a little the same thing. I believe that it is him who made write the Bible, because she tells the story of the man with a lucidity to frighten! She announced in advance certain facts with a surprising precision. She speaks with an authority which silences the most arrogant. I can only bow before this book which speaks to me about what concerns God, domain in which I can only learn.

      To have faith in God, it is to believe it, to believe what he made write in the Bible. God never lies. In the Bible, historic facts are brought back to us, for example the birth, the life, the death, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe these facts. I believe God when he asserts that he loves me. I believe God when he says that after the death, the men will go or to a place of happiness if they believed in Jesus, or in a place of agonies if they did not believe. God says that he makes thanks to the sinner who regrets, I believe it. He says that I am made perfect for ever by the sacrifice of the Christ, I believe it. He assures me that he loves me but that he loathes my sins, I believe it. I believe all that God says in the Bible, because God is true, he cannot lie. Thousands of people put their confidence in God every day. They still know the difficulties of the life, certainly, but they also know the peace and the enjoyment. The faith honors God, and he blesses those who trust him.

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