Is it necessary to fight?

Is it necessary to fight?

"I thus exhort, above all, to make pleas, prayers for all the men, for the kings and all those who are high-ranking, so that we can live a peaceful and quiet life, in any devotion and honesty." 1 Timothée 2:1, 2

      In the face of events which mobilize the crowds, we can wonder how we have to react as Christians.

      The Bible invites us to remember always whom we are from now on "foreigners and of passage on the earth" (Hebrew 11:13). Of course, we have to conform to the laws of our country, and submit ourselves "to the authorities established by God" (Romain 13:1). But God does not ask us to take a stand in debates from which is excluded Himself. One day, Lord Jésus told one of his followers: "follow me, and let the deaths bury their deaths" (Matthieu 8:22). In the eyes of God, the godless is a "dead man", to whom he nevertheless wishes to give the eternal life. What matters for us, believers, it is to follow Christ without participating in fights which do not concern us, us, citizens of the sky (Philippiens 3:20).

      Our fight has to lead in the rejection of any shape of the evil in our life, and by the prayer. If we laugh at our God, let us pray for the derisive; if we kill innocents, let us pray for their afflicted close friends, and also for the murderesses. Also let us pray for those who govern us, they have no easy task; let us not forget that "God wants that all the men are saved" (1 Timothée 2:4).

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