It is her who is her mother

It is her who is her mother

"Will a woman forget her infant, not to feel sorry some fruit of the stomach?" Ésaïe 49:15

"I prayed for this child, and the Eternal granted me the demand which I made him." 1 Samuel 1:27

      King Salomon is considered as his wisdom. One day, two mothers come to find him with their infants, the one living and the other death. Each of her claims that the alive baby belongs to her. How to know which one tells the truth? Salomon makes bring a sword. He orders to divide into two the alive baby, and to give half to each. One of the women accepts without flinching, but the other one begs immediately that we save the child and that we give him rather to the other woman. She cannot support to see killing her baby. And Salomon declares immediately: "it is her who is her mother". It is the maternal love of this woman who made him recognize.

      The maternal love comes from God. It is him, the Creator, who placed in the heart of a mother this natural tenderness. He recognizes the value, approves it, and always takes into account it.

      Christian mothers, it is a God who confided us our children; the tenderness with which we surround them has some value for he. Does a child worry us today? Let us turn to God to confide him to him with faith. He knows which maternal care we lavished on this child since his birth. He can say, as Salomon formerly: "it is her who is her mother". His ear is opened to the pleas and to the tears of a mother, let us be certain there. Who will pray for a child better than her mother? And if her mother does not pray for him, who will make him? Pray for our children is a duty, a responsibility, but also a privilege and an immense resource.

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