It is not the good screwdriver

It is not the good screwdriver

"We do not know for what it is necessary to ask as it is advisable but we know that any things work together for the good of those who love God." Romain 8:26-28

"Your Father knows what you need." Matthieu 6:8

      Gaston has just broken the locomotive of his train. His dad is very a handyman, and always ready to help him, he is going to find him thus quite naturally. But he makes at first a detour by the workshop; there, after some hesitations, he chooses a beautiful red screwdriver, and presents it proudly to his dad with the broken toy. This one examines the toy, then the screwdriver, and shakes the head: "Gaston, it is not at all the good screwdriver, and I also need a crowbar". The father goes then to his workshop, chooses himself the appropriate tools and, in an instant, the toy is repaired. He tightens him to the child and adds: "the next time, Gaston, you will let with me choose myself my tools".

      Children of God, we meet difficulties, and quite naturally, we resort to our Heavenly Father. But does not it happen to us to make as Gaston? We have our idea on the way God has to act, and on the ways which he has to use. As this little boy with his screwdriver, we "suggest" them to God. Yet, often, what we imagine or propose is not "the adapted tool" for the situation.

      Thus let us have the wisdom and the humility to bring simply to God our problem. And let us leave to him the care "to choose its tools". The ways which he has are unlimited, varied in the infinity. Often, he uses circumstances and ways which we would not have chosen nor imagined. But let us be convinced that the way he acts is wise, and perfectly adapted to the case which we subjected him.

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