It's just hot air (1)

It's just hot air (1)

"I saw all the works which are made under the sun; and well, everything is vanity and pursuit of the wind." The Ecclesiastes 1:14

"will the wise person answer with a knowledge which is only of the wind?" Job 15:2

"(said Jesus:) the sky and the earth will pass, but my words will not pass." Marc 13:31

      In the Bible as in the ordinary language, the wind is sometimes the image of the uselessness of things. The patriarch Job, which lost his children and all his properties, answers his friends who accuse it instead of consoling him: "will there be the end in these words of wind?" (Job 16:3). How many times we pronounced, we too, the words which soared without producing of positive effect …

      And among the big activities of the man, how much have only a temporary result! "What profit does he have to have worked for the wind?" Says the Ecclesiastes (5:16, which repeats this sad tune: "everything is vanity and pursuit of the wind". Instead of spreading so many efforts in this empty pursuit, why not looking for safer values?

      The Bible speaks to us about what is stable, of what lives:

      - The Word of God: "the grass is dried out, the flower is faded": the result of all of which the man can think or make on the earth. "But the word of our God lives in always" (Ésaïe 40:8). No "iota", no single letter of this word will not disappear, everything will be carried out, said the Lord, it guarantees it (Matthieu 5:18). Sat on his throne in the sky, he tells Jean: "these words are certain and real" (apocalypse 21:5).

      - His justice: "his justice lives for life" (psalm 111:3).

      - His truth: "the truth of Eternal house in always" (Psalm 117:2).

      - His kindness: "celebrate the Lord of Lords! Because his kindness lives in always" (Psalm 136:3)

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