Jesus Christ, light of the world

Jesus Christ, light of the world

"The real light was the one who, coming in the world, illuminate every man." Jean 1:9

"(Said Jesus:) you all come to me, who you get tired and who be in charge, and I, I shall give you of the rest." Matthieu 11:28

      The current company, in France, tries hard to erase any reference to the Christianity, in the name of the principle of secularism. The 18th century - Called Age of the Enlightenment - saw being born the idea that the human reason could solve all the problems. We then began mattering on the progress and the improvement of the man rather than on God. What is the result, approximately two centuries later? In spite of "the freedom for all" so looked for, disappointments, concerns and feeling of insecurity!

      This will of independence of the man, which does not accept either God or master, is not possible that to pull the suffering, and to bring as of the fire in the human relations: "you who all light a fire, who you surround with sparks, walk in the light of your fire and sparks which you lit; it is here what you will have of my hand: you will sleep in the pain" (Ésaïe 50:11). Let us not believe more than the man is going to improve little by little by his own efforts, he is incapable of it.

      In the middle of the disorder of our world, the Word of God lights us and opens us a way towards the light. God loves us, he sent his Only son to this world. Jesus Christ, pure appearance of the divine light on the earth, did not come to condemn the man in rebellion against God, but to save him. Let us open eyes, and let us look at each towards Jesus, at him who only can give us a new life. "In all those who received him, he gave the right to them to be children of God, that is to those who believe on his/her behalf" (Jean 1:12).

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