Jesus in front of Pilate (1)

Jesus in front of Pilate (1)

"Pilate tells them: what shall I thus make of Jesus, who is called Christ? They say all: that he is crucified! The governor resumed: but what evil did he make? And they are mirrored to shout even more hardly: that he is crucified!" Matthieu 27:22, 23

      Extract of the Gospel: "Pilate took then Jesus and made him whip. The soldiers braided a crown of thorns, mirror it on the head and dressed him in a coat of purple; then they came towards him and said:

      - Safety, king of Jews! And they struck him with the face. Pilate still went out and tells them:

      - Well, I bring him to you outside, so that you know that I find in him no crime. Jesus went out, carrying the crown of thorns and the coat of purple. Pilate tells them:

      - Here is the man! When the main sacrificers and the guards transfer him, they exclaimed:

      - Crucify him, crucify him! Pilate tells them:

      - Take him, you, and crucify him; because I, I do not find crime in him. The Jews answered him:

      - We have a Law and, according to our Law, he has to die, because he was made Son of God. When Pilate heard this word, he was even more frightened. He entered again the court and tells Jesus:

      - Where from are you? But Jesus did not give him answer. Then Pilate tells him:

      - You do not speak to me, to me? Do not you know that I have the power to release you and that I have the power to crucify you? Jesus answered:

      - You would have no power against me, if it was not given to you from above; that is why the one who delivered me to you has a bigger sin. From then on, Pilate tried to release him; but the Jews are mirrored to shout:

      - If you release this one, you are not friends of Caesar; whoever is made king opposes Caesar." (Jean 19:1-13)

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