Love or bitterness? (2)

Love or bitterness? (2)

"That any bitterness, any fury, any anger, any shout, any insult are removed from the environment of you … Be good the ones to the others, compassionate, forgiving you some to the others, as God also, in Christ, forgave you." Éphésiens 4:31, 32

      As we saw him yesterday, the one who believes God's love which gave his Only son, benefits from its grace; a full forgiveness for its sins is granted to him, it has the eternal life. A deep peace lives in him. He becomes capable of liking because "God's love is paid into our hearts by the holy Spirit which was given to us" (Romain 5:5). If we love God, because he loved us the first one, we also have to love our brothers (lira 1 Jean 4:20, 21). It is the just consequence, but also the desire of all to those who are inhabited by this divine love.

      Nevertheless the verse above addresses Christians. We already were certainly in a similar situation, where we are allowed submerge by feelings of bitterness, which feed the rancor. We are as in a dead end. Our peace and our enjoyment in Christ disappear. The Bible warns us against it: watch, "being afraid that somebody is lacking the grace of God; being afraid that some root of bitterness, pushing shoots, disturbs you" (Hebrew 12:15).

      When we feel of such feelings invading us, let us turn to Lord Jésus. Let us look towards the cross; the memory of what it suffered will hunt of our thoughts any bitterness, resentment or resentment. We shall take out of our dead end to find the way of the forgiveness. Was not the the biggest injustice carried out by the man the one to crucify the Rescuer? On the cross Jesus said: "father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing" (Luc 23:34). What a love! Let us follow his example.

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