Love which God has for us

Love which God has for us

"We knew and believed love which God has for us. God is love." 1 Jean 4:16

      Would not anybody have heard about God's love? This love, he showed him by sending his Son to the world. And we discover this love to every page of the Gospel. It is the source of all the good which God wants for us. The quoted text: "we knew and believed love which God has for us" watch that this love is very concrete in its consequences for the one who accepts him. He translates an alive, confident, personal relation with God.

      Indeed, the central point of the Christian faith, it is love which God carries us: as Creator, because his love is at the origin of my existence; as Rescuer, because he "both loved the world and he gave his Only son, so that whoever believes in him do not die, but so that he has the eternal life" (Jean 3:16). His love reaches what it of deeper there in me: I can call him Father. He is unconditional, because God welcomes me such as I am; he is faithful, because God will never give up me.

      God knows my feelings and my thoughts, my inclinations and my feelings. He knows my strength and my weakness. He sees me in the smile or the tears, in the health or the disease. He hears my voice, the beating of my heart … God is quite close, he knows me better that I know each other myself. And he loves me. "It is more intimate me that I am him to myself" (saint Augustin). The faith is the consciousness of this intimacy with the God of love, and with his Son "who loved me and who was engaged(surrendered) himself for me" (Galates 2:20).

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